What is the Repair Academy?

The Repair Academy is a social enterprise start up dedicated to reducing waste, providing skills and training for young people and offering affordable goods to low-income households.  

It was officially opened in Calne by Wiltshire Council leader Jane Scott OBE on 29th April 2014. 

The Repair Academy is a partnership between Hills Waste Solutions and Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Community First, Kennet Furniture Refurbiz, Waste Not Want Not, Wiltshire College and Swindon College.



The Repair Academy aims to:

  • Create social, economic and environmental value by transforming unwanted household products into desirable goods.
  • Support people in need by helping them gain skills for employment and life.
  • Change public opinion to make used and repaired items more attractive.
  • Foster an attitude of re-use and repair of materials.

Repair table